Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Tobacco, alcohol and high fat diet is cultural and enforces commerce that kills.

The statistics in the map is from the US Census. It is a heart disease map of the USA. The dark red color is 572.5 - 1029.7 AMERICANS.
That is within one county. Not the entire state, but, the county.

There are chefs that compete to change high fat into a healthier choice in preparation without compromise to taste. However, cigarettes cause heart disease as well.

Heart Disease in Men are highest in Mississippi (287.7 in 100,000), Oklahoma (280.3 in 100,000), followed by Alabama (277.5), Arkansas (274.0) and Louisiana (273.3)

National average: 210.9 of 100,000 citizens

Heart Disease in Women are highest in Mississippi (184.5 in 100,000),  Oklahoma (183.4 in 100,000), Alabama (182.5), Louisiana (171.6) and Arkansas (169.8).

National average: 131,8 (click here)