Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Paul Ryan victimizes the victim. Streamlining is going to solve all problems in Paul Ryan's world.

The plan released Tuesday includes somewhat broad recommendations, rather than specific legislation, including:

- Instituting increased work requirements for welfare recipients and for recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, who are able to work but aren't;

- Consolidating or streamlining 18 federal food-assistance programs and myriad housing programs, such as the Rural Housing Service rental assistance program and HUD’s Housing Choice voucher program. The Government Accountability Office has identified making the myriad programs efficient as a challenge.

- Streamlining federal funding for at-risk youths and for 45 separate early childhood programs and giving states and local governments more flexibility to address their residents’ needs;

- Rolling back federal requirements and regulations for technical education programs and for colleges and universities, which one study commissioned by Vanderbilt University last year estimated cost schools $27 billion annually. The plan also recommends consolidating the nine federal-aid programs for higher education into three.

Far from genus, Paul Ryan wants to place more work burdens on everyone while ending the quality of education. Rolling back federal requirements will never maintains good educational programs that compete on the world stage. The $27 billion are paid for by the students through their federal loan programs. You mean to tell me the federal government is going to guarantee loans to students and not have standards to provide success to students? 

Common sense says the federal government should fund only programs that have a track record of success,” the report says. “Yet the federal government frequently pays for well-intentioned programs and services that have no evidence of effectiveness — and in many cases, even when the program is proven not to work at all.”

Amazing. Ryan speaks out of both sides of his mouth at once. He is going to remove regulations but wants common sense to say a poor track record should not be supported. What does deregulation do to prevent worthless programs?

President Obama investigated the private school programs that cost students tens of thousands of dollars and did not deliver them to a place where work would result in good paying jobs. Now, Paul Ryan wants to turn everything loose all over again. $27 billion is a huge figure. Where the heck does he get that from?

- Making it easier for businesses to team up and offer joint 401k retirement savings plans.

401K has been around since 1978 and all of a sudden they are difficult to offer. What Ryan is saying is that he wants SSI funds to be teamed up with 401Ks. Trillions. Bush wanted to start that mess with $2 trillion and it was stated as such right after his second election. Wow, was there buyers' remorse after that speech.

It is amazing to me how Republicans witness a far different reality than most Americans. 2008 occurred. What would have happened to the 401K linked with SSI funds? Answer that first. We all know what occurred with 401K when 2008 hit. We all know what would have happened to that $2 trillion, but, I would really like to hear the Republican version.

Overall, federal funding of social programs should be more focused on results, the task force concluded, and measuring them by whether they are making a difference in people’s lives — are they getting people back to work, for instance, or reducing poverty....

This is more of the same, deregulation in HOPES there will be economic benefit. Regulation is already serving economic benefit. Anyone notice it isn't 2008 anymore? This is pathetic. There is no other word.