Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The establishment Republicans are far to corrupt to touch the lives of Americans again.

The establishment Republicans and their media kingdom are in denial. The corrupt Republicans will not ride the coattails of a moral Mexican judge.

"OMG, Donald Trump turned something loose in this country." That "something" are Americans.

Those Americans are 'just that desperate' to lose the box they are locked in. The problem is not the Americans. Believe me, it is not the Americans.

12 step programs only work when there is work that pays well enough to support a white man admired by his family. This is not rocket science. Lose the cronies.

Political promises repeated year after year are worthless.

This is real.

January 16, 2016
By Victor Tan Chen

For the last several months, (click here) social scientists have been debating the striking findings of a study by the economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton.* Between 1998 and 2013, Case and Deaton argue, white
Americans across multiple age groups experienced large spikes in suicide and fatalities related to alcohol and drug abuse—spikes that were so large that, for whites aged 45 to 54, they overwhelmed the dependable modern trend of steadily improving life expectancy. While critics have challenged the magnitude and timing of the rise in middle-age deaths (particularly for men), they and the study’s authors alike seem to agree on some basic points: Problems of mental health and addiction have taken a terrible toll on whites in America—though seemingly not in other wealthy nations—and the least educated among them have fared the worst....

The evil word is 'uncertainty." Uncertainty is bullshit. Everyone knows it is bullshit. You've got to be joking. The super rich are just fine. The majority of the country is immune from their tear filled handkerchief. They can buy a dozen others.

By Martin Crutsinger

...Thirteen times Yellen mentioned (click here) some variation of the word "uncertainty" — starting with a question raised by a dismal jobs report the government issued Friday:

"Is the markedly reduced pace of hiring in April and May," Yellen asked, "a harbinger of a persistent slowdown in the broader economy?"...

Americans have taken their country back from the fiscal brink of 2008. No one is getting it back again. No trust. No good will. No stupidity in handling the economy ever again. No cronies. No immoral or illegal wars. Never again will the working poor's men have to see the reflection of poverty in their children's eyes.

They will stop dying in record numbers.