Sunday, May 15, 2016

The comma in the title is sometimes stated as racist. It was the sixties. The first edition is the only one with a comma. Bad grammar.

The Rolling Stones (click here) have probably released more iconic tracks than any other band in history. Hardly surprising when you learn they’ve been together for over half a century and hold the record for the most recorded songs of all time. One of the most iconic of their incredible 439 tracks is “Paint It, Black”. Released in 1966, it was the first single from the fourth album, Aftemath, and became an anthem for the Sixties counter culture.

What’s more, it’s one of our favourite tunes ever. Two very good reasons to dig deeper and discover more about a song, music critic Richie Unterberger said, “qualifies as perhaps the most effective use of a sitar in a rock song.”

1. The original version was entitled “Paint It Black” without a comma. Keith Richards later said that the comma was added by the record label, Decca...