Sunday, May 15, 2016

Can we please make this list shorter?

Tracer Gases (click here)

This is introducing a very dangerous greenhouse gas directly into the troposphere. Has everyone lost their mind?

There has to be a better method. I don't believe three of these gases are greenhouse gases and they are directly released into the troposphere. This isn't necessary. Indoor environmental air quality is important, but, using these gases aren't necessary. 

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is measured (click here) with CO2, temperature and humidity sensors to ensure standards for human comfort indoors. Although human comfort depends on an interaction of multiple variables, optimizing both temperature and relative humidity satisfies the comfort requirements for a wider variety of occupants than optimizing only temperature. Carbon dioxide (CO2) level is a surrogate measurement for indoor air quality and human presence.
Human comfort, productivity, and a sense of health and well-being are the positive outcome of a healthy indoor environment.
Vaisala offers a variety of hand-held and fixed indoor air quality sensors for measuring CO2, relative humidity and temperature.
Indoor air quality is much better if measured with sensors. An regular interval of testing can also detect any other adverse indoor air quality issues. Using these gases are simply not necessary.