Sunday, May 15, 2016

SF6 is understandably used in magnesium smelting. This film loop is extremely curious.

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Magnesium by nature is highly volatile, yet, there are ingots made in this manner? I think that is silicon being scraped off the top. This is an education, I cannot believe magnesium ingots are sold at Amazon. Amazon needs to decide what smelting process they allow in these ingots available online. 

This is some dialogue from the IPCC. I can't believe how careless this all is. It is a rarely discussed greenhouse gas and that be the issue. But, the global community has to do better than this.

Molten magnesium (click here) and its alloys are volatile substances that have a tendency to oxidize explosively in air and require surface protection in casting processes. Work in the late 1960’s on the film protection properties of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) led to the industrial adoption of this gas in protective gas mixtures over salt-based flux melting. Currently available test results indicate that no significant conversion or destruction of SF6 occurs in magnesium casting processes. For the time being, it is assumed that all SF6 used as a cover gas is emitted to the atmosphere.... 

I really think this stuff needs to be reviewed. Science and the industry is not on the same page. I don't know how much of the magnesium smelting is black market. The man in the film is not wearing any kind of protection for his lungs either. No one should be that open to these chemicals. This is upsetting.