Sunday, May 15, 2016

No snow accumulation. Ground dry.

35 degrees F
Wind WNW 7 mph
Humidity 78 percent
Precipitation 3 percent 

There is a snow accumulation on the grass, evergreens and shrubbery. 

Snow no longer on grass, evergreens and shrubbery. It still exists on car windshields and on roof.

38 degrees Fahrenheit
Partly Cloudy, dark clouds over bay

Precipitation 10%

Wind WNW 5 MPH
Humidity 73%

The ground has been clear and dry for the entire time. The ground is obviously warmer than the air.

10:55 AM

Snow absent from roof.

37 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind N 4 mph
100 percent cloudy 
Humidity 67 %
Precipitation 15 %

Snow is still on windshields only about 25% from previous.


Snow gone from all surfaces.

42 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity 44 %
Precipitation' zero percent
Partly sunny with clouds.
Wind: WNW 13 mph