Thursday, June 01, 2017

President Donald Trump backed President Rodrigo Duterte and discussed the positions of USA navy vessels that are nuclear capable.

2 April 2017
By Kate Lamb

Now in a safe house, (click here) a former police officer fears for his life after allegedly exposing Rodrigo Duterte’s role in extrajudicial killings when mayor of Davao

...Arturo Lascanas, a retired police officer, made the accusations of Duterte’s campaign of extrajudicial killings under oath to the country’s senate last month, and he repeats them to the Observer with an air of uneasy calm, with the resolve of a man who has carried these secrets for decades. “We were the first hit squad during his reign,” claims Lascanas, from the safe house in Manila where he is hiding from his own president....

President Duterte have killed thousands of people and looked the other way to the deaths of thousands more. Donald Trump has no control over his mouth and information entrusted to him. No USA President should be backing such a brutal regime. The people have a way of letting the world know what they are thinking and feeling.

A USA President with honor and dignity would be backing the police officer that fears for his life to bring Duterte to justice. But, President Mighty Mouth loves the strong man fallacy. So, he is now affiliated with one of the worst killers in the Philippines.

June 1, 2017
By Holly Yan

The popular Philippine tourist site (click here) Resorts World Manila was on lockdown after reports of gunfire and explosions at the sprawling complex.

Hundreds of guests and employees rushed out of one of the hotels after a masked gunman on the second floor began firing at guests, hotel employees fleeing the scene told CNN Philippines.

Heavily-armed SWAT officers wearing bulletproof vests and body armor descended on the scene, Camille Abadicio of CNN Philippines said. Video showed smoke coming from the upper floors of buildings.

Around 4 a.m. Friday, Resorts Chief Operating Officer Stephen Reilly told reporters police were looking inside the buildings for one suspect. He gave no other details....

Trump invited Duterte to the White House on May 1, 2017. (click here)

On 22 May 2017, Duterte took a five day trip to Russia after declaring marshall law in southern Philippines. Ah, poor Donald, he was shunned by the Philippine President and is not his favorite hero.

By Shaun Walker

The Philippine president, (click here) Rodrigo Duterte, is to cut short a trip to Moscow having declared martial law in the south of his country.
Duterte was at the beginning of a five-day trip to Russia and was due to meet his “favourite hero”, President Vladimir Putin, on Thursday. The visit was part of an attempt to reorient his country’s geopolitical alliance further away from the US and towards Moscow.
But after he declared martial law on Tuesday evening following a shootout between government troops and militants in the southern city of Marawi, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said Duterte was needed at home.
The meeting with Putin has reportedly been brought forward to Tuesday evening, to allow for his urgent return to Manila....