Thursday, June 01, 2017

Evidently Michael Flynn was having conversations with Russia regarding its real estate on Long Island while a consultant to Trump. More incentive for Russia to bolster Trump. Quid Pro Quo. Trump is elected Russia gets its real estate back without diplomatic designations. Heck, that would mean such a large estate on Long Island, New York would be worth a great deal of money. It would make a nice resort for development to important Americans. 

The Trump Organization might be very interested in running it considering China is already in Trump  Tower nearby. All that is left are the contracts with EB5 Chinese billionaires.

Well, if all this is only about real estate development that might even serve the local economy why should Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan worry about it? 

That would be just like Trump providing a magnanimous role model in Mara-la-go, huh? And imagine the perks of being involved with Trump after his presidency; the inside US government information they can all share. Wow that would be great with martinis on Long Island and only a helicopter hop from the tower.

Why is it when President Obama shut the Russian estate down it seemed more in the interest of national security? Go figure.