Thursday, June 01, 2017

It is laughable. The USA now joins Nicaragua and Syria.

It is easy to be a blithering idiot as a politician, it is quite different to convince a nation of people to take themselves seriously. If a USA president is willing to sell the country to Russia for his own fortune, does anyone actually believe he values an intangible and valueless climate?

The climate crisis doesn't speak Trump's language, there is no profit angle to it.

Larsen C ice shelf has the greatest mass of all the ice shelves within the Larsen system.
The Larsen C ice shelf is not only the largest in ice mass, but, has the greatest exposure to the warming circumpolar circulation.

The crack that will release the largest block of ice shelf to date has cracked something like 11 miles in six days.

This is the climate crisis. It is real and it is happening. While an ice shelf in Antarctica seems a distant place and of little consequence to the USA, it will increase sea level rise and add to the deteriorating thermostat that are the North and South Pole.

It is not surprising this segment of the Larsen ice shelves should be the next one to melt away, the waters of the south Pacific are passing along their warmth to the Antarctica circumpolar circulation.

There has been a growing impingement of heat into the Antarctica circumpolar waters for the past 19 years.

Maybe these are the USA's new allies; Nicaragua and Syria. No citizens that values their dignity wants to live in a country that is a joke.