Sunday, April 09, 2017

Osama bin Laden is dead.

There is a reason Assad has power and it has nothing to do with Russia.

The people he protects and favor him fear ethnic cleansing.

What does that mean? There is no peace, there are only lulls and truces and potential peace agreements with power sharing governments. There is strong reason to believe a power sharing government would work, but, who controls the military in Syria?

There is no way forward in Syria that is simple. Kill Assad and there are others like him.

No USA President has the answer. The answer comes from the people themselves. "The White Helmets" is a great hope, but, bombing hospitals has become a strategy to demoralize them and the people they save.

There needs to be a new strategy for the rescued people. It has to be covert to continue to build strength between different ethnicity to form a nation that is a melting pot. There will always be two separate religious structures in Syria; the Sunnies and Shia and the many, many denominations of ethnicity within those religious ethnics.

I can sympathize with President Trump about dead children, dead babies and the desire to be their hero/champion. There is no answer for them. More bombs and aggression only begets more bombs and aggression. Give the babies and their families refugee status. 

There is a limited argument about migrating Daesh. That occurred in Europe. We know that. They came through the Greek Islands. The sympathy occurred for those hate filled migrant men because Europe witnessed a drowned child wash ashore. Sympathies can be dangerous in a world without answers.

Daesh is similiar to al Qaeda in that they seek psychological warfare as well as randomized killing of citizens of civilized countries.

Question: "Is the election of Donald Trump, for all his good intentions, due to a country undermined by al Qaeda?" When is the "OMG, Osama but in a different body" SYNDROME going to end?

I sincerely question the Americans that hate their government AND those Americans diverse from them! I oppose White Supremacy as a strategy that satisfies the movement of al Qaeda!

In the USA, the refugee/migrant experience is very different regarding mass killings. In the USA, we are seeing children of immigrants with dual citizen status become violent as a resolve to their CONFLICTED IDENTITIES. The USA hasn't even officially identified the problem and until that occurs and is documented the answers won't be available and the USA society remains at danger.

The Iraq War served a political agenda. Ignoring the real problem with our own Americans with dual citizen status serves a political agenda.

Americans are fools for playing politics with their own danger rather than demanding answers!