Sunday, April 09, 2017

What lead up to the failure of the Ukraine treaty?

Hillary has every right to be upset about Russia. I would love for her to write a book on her experience with Russia across her years in government. I am sure she would open eyes.

I think Lavrov really wanted the reset between the USA and Russia. There was no reason for it not to work. I am sure there were private talks that set parameters to the reset after the public relations campaign. We should know. What happened? We wanted to work with Russia and not escalate a nuclear posture.

Democratic ideology? Sure. But, it is based in global aspirations by other countries as well in the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Treaties are suppose to mean something. The United Nations is suppose to mean something. I sincerely believe Putin took license to move into Ukraine because the USA was aggressive in it's oil hunger by invading Iraq. The permission was there after "W" went outside the operations of the UN Security Council and their inspectors.

He saw the handwriting on the wall. The UN was finding nothing. There was less and less reason to invade Iraq. "W" wanted the goal of Rumsfeld's Cabal. They weren't going to be stopped, hence, why would Putin oppose the USA invasion. It was a new rule in the aspirations of countries with a strong military. "Go ahead, who is going to stop you?" China the same way with it's military presence on meaningless islands to expand it's borders further into the Pacific. Same thing.

Vietnam quakes with the reality of having China claim the water and mineral rights on their common ocean border. Same thing.

It was a feel good moment. Russia and the USA shaking hands, smiling and starting anew with the hopes of reviving old ideals and securing long time hopes. Indeed, what could have been better? Was Russia hoping to lull the USA into political amnesia after a reset? I don't think we know why it failed so much as that it failed.