Sunday, April 09, 2017

Bernie knew what he was doing.

Hillary Clinton loved the White House, something Donald Trump has yet to appreciate. See, his constituency ridiculed the Clintons as having spent their lives in public housing. Donald Trump spends his time in his million/billion dollar estates while it costs the American taxpayer billions upon billions for his security.

I think Donald Trump is afraid of gate jumpers, actually. There are more and more all the time and they think he is in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Fools, every one. They need to travel to Florida where there is a moat around Trump's luxurious bedroom.

It is amazing, isn't it? The White House is public housing while Trump can cut billions from the actual public housing needy Americans rely on to keep them from living on the street. Indeed, cutting housing in the budget, but, his protections can escalate to soak up those so called budget savings.

Hillary Clinton. Why do I feel time will paint a woman cheated out of the most powerful position of leadership in the world at a time when the world needed her most.

As to Bernie, you ignored the real message of the "Lost Generation." He wasn't going to run until he realized this: