Sunday, April 09, 2017

Good night, Moon.

I could wish Americans would find a way to love and accept Hillary Clinton unconditionally and put their faith in her, but, they won't. There is a mistrust of her and her Wall Street funding. It is a joke, isn't it? Donald Trump was suppose to be the ultimate outsider and he has placed some of the most vicious Wall Street billionaires in the cabinet. Who should we mistrust now?

Then there is the Clinton era NAFTA. Another treaty. This time most Americans don't want it anymore. We really don't. We see Wall Street as competition as it should be, but, not with guarantees to win the competition.

Hillary, why accept the funding? There are less Wall Street brokers that are woman than there are US Senators, I believe. Wall Street is no particular friend of women, why should you be? Right now there are woman of Wall Street wearing stripper shoes to work everyday. Hello?

Don't ask Americans to trust Hillary Clinton unless Hillary Clinton is completely trustworthy. They trusted Trump and now they think what the White House really needed was "balls." Misogyny reigns in the White House. Trump actually is willing to trap women into child bearing forever with sex as servitude rather than a comfort and fun between partners or spouses.

Perhaps what Trump needs is a long drag on a Mary Jane and learn that blunting of arrogance serves the country better than spectacular villas for visiting billionaires and heads of state.

420 needs to receive federal reclassification. People are receiving real relief with marijuana. They are not asking for much, simply a chance to live without pain and malfunction of their bodies. Is that too much to ask of the federal government? Federal laws are causing hardship and putting very innocent people in jail until a ludicrous hearing where fines are levied. It is a real issue and someone running for federal office will receive real funding and loyalty to the one who promises to let Americans achieve comfort and quality of life.

And last, but, hardly least is the well being of Americans protected by environmental laws. Additionally, the climate crisis is raging on and becoming more difficult with every year that passes. Heat under greenhouse gases is accumulating with dangerous results. The country and the world needs a leader that is dedicated to their right to living without the threat of Earth's raging storms.

Americans are facing human rights violations due to heat, drought, all too often visiting Arctic vortex because of a pathetically thin Arctic Ocean ice cap. Australia received rolling black outs this year in it's cities because of the demand for electricity to stay cool.

Hillary Clinton was needed in the federal government leadership for more reasons than can be written about here. A wayward FBI Director decided to oppose a woman African American Attorney General with Standard Practice of carrying out investigations without being political. It was a deliberate breach of protocol and Comey does not belong in FBI leadership.

It is called misogyny and it comes in many forms, some brand new as a woman rises to power of the last surviving Superpower.