Sunday, April 09, 2017

It is about controlling fear, Hillary.

“Poor Mary, she didn’t deserve it either, when you go back and look at the history,” said Clinton.

It is not the person, it is the quality the person represents. Hillary Clinton was an icon. But, of what?

Is there any doubt she was the woman that launched a thousand assertive housewives to the bra burning? Dear God, in Arkansas. Every Democratic and Progressive woman heard those words and related to them. Finally, we had a woman with the vision we wanted. We were going to have equality in all aspects of life.

Hillary....were you actually going to disarm the cowboy from his guns? Or should I say, his gun?

Maybe that picture is too small.

Hillary Clinton is the final blow to American masculinity. If she wins, it is all over. Women will never be the same. They will want equal pay; "bankruptcy" is at the place where women no longer bake cookies and they are given control of the budget.

The best outcome for women to reach the presidency is to be the one person who understands the household budget and manages it with ease. Don't most women manage the bills in the house? Is a man's masculinity so delicate they have to be given an image of supremacy of every aspect of control? Really? I didn't think sex was about equality, I thought is was about an organism.

...When talking about Vladimir Putin’s attempts to destabilize the US, she pointed out that he did not like strong women, “although he did shake hands with me”, a clear reference to Donald Trump’s refusal to shake Angela Merkel’s hand during a White House meeting....

Does Hillary Clinton think Vladimir Putin is the only man that doesn't like strong women? American men are over all that, huh? American men are dying in their fifties because their life is hard and nothing a woman can understand. Would Hillary Clinton come to the rescue to save the lives of these men? Really? I thought they drank to handle the pain with their lives and smoked to cloud their senses so the alcohol can go down easier.

The answer to becoming President, Mrs. Clinton, is to put 'the value of life' back in their hearts. The only way to do that is to pay them a living wage and back on track to "The American Dream." Now, that is what i call masculinity with equal responsibility of their spouse.