Monday, February 06, 2017

I am not that good at being a spy or informant, but, I am going to give this a go.

This is a letter that came to a Medicare/Medicaid recipient. The recipient received three such letters each with a different "Application ID." The recipient has never applied to "" that the person remembers. 

There are three pages of which I will attempt to post here. It refers to an amount of money available for purchasing insurance. I think this is the precursor to providing vouchers to Medicare and Medicaid recipients. There is also a chance this will increase the cost of health care if this is more of the same seen in California where insurance was purchased for Medicaid recipients by their providers.

There is even a better chance I am dead wrong about everything, but, the recipient told me they have never received such a letter before.

I am also not very good at redacting, but, I think folks will get the message. It scared the recipient because the person did not understand any of it. I promised to put it here.

What followed are two additional pages with what I assume is a similar message in nearly every language on the planet.

Good luck.

PS: The recipient has no intention of completing any of the Marketplace online applications. To begin the person received three separate and identical letters with three different numbers. The recipient is scared to try anything as it might upset the apple cart and everything will go to hell.

The other possibility is that this is Obamacare and ANYTHING that upsets and enrages the public is bad PR for the ACA. Never know what is coming next these days. That in and of itself is enough to rattle confidence in any form of government.

This recipient is an older American and it actually is a form of harassment and abuse.


Having never applied to makes a person wonder how the information got there and what breach of confidentiality.