Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Muslim Ban has no purpose in the year 2017. The attacks within the USA are by lone wolves. Some are 2nd generation in this country and are conflicted with their dual citizenship.

I am sure the scholars are having a great deal of fun and interesting sparing over the theory and the law, but, there is absolutely no reason for this ban. In order for a Presidential Order to be relevant it has to have a purpose.

The Muslim Ban is hubris without a real purpose. There are grounds for lawsuits by individuals and class action lawsuits.


May 2, 2016
By Nick Rasmussen

Five years ago, (click here) I watched in the Situation Room along with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and members of the President’s national security team to see if U.S. Special Operations Forces could deliver the justice that every American had been waiting for for a decade. 
In the three-plus months leading up to the operation, the White House’s National Security Council staff organized over two dozen inter-agency meetings to oversee preparations and consider all of the attendant issues: the evaluation of the emerging intelligence, possible operational courses of action, the consequences and implications of both success and failure. 

What struck me most about that process was the absolute attention to operational security, discretion, and secrecy. Very few individuals beyond the most senior officials were involved in the policy piece of this operation. Extraordinary measures were taken to limit information flow, and those involved maintained an incredibly high degree of discipline.

The Trump administration is falsifying information to the public. They are lumping all kinds of stuff together to make a list look impressive to justify their inflammatory administration.

February 8, 2017
By Avi Selk

...Then, yesterday, (click here) both families saw their children's murders in a White House list of terrorist attacks that hadn't got enough attention, and Ayliffe said she felt she needed to set down words again.

"My daughter's death will not be used to further this insane persecution of innocent people," she wrote in an open letter to US President Donald Trump

.Her words were joined by the parents of the attack's second victim, Jackson, who expressed their disbelief in an email to the White House and elsewhere.

"I'm pretty sure he and his advisers know full well - or could very easily verify - that Tom and Mia died not as the result of an act of terror but rather through the actions of a disturbed individual," Les Jackson wrote on Facebook.
"Of course, that doesn't suit his agenda."...