Monday, February 06, 2017

Kenya is banning the removal of snakes. Some of it is poaching.

Poachers have made such an impact it is becoming impossible to share endangered species with zoos as well.

I would expect the USA to bring about justice to the practice of poaching and reach out to Kenya for any suggestions it may have to assist them in curbing the practice of removing their nature snakes from the country.

February 7, 2017
By Collins Omulo

...The ban, (click here) which also includes licences issued for scientific research and venom extraction abroad, commenced at the beginning of this month.

Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Gathitu said that zoos and pet shops in the UK, Czech Republic, Germany, US, Mexico, Brazil and China are the biggest market for the snakes where they fetch between Sh10,000 ($100) and Sh20,000 ($200), depending on the type of snake.

“We have intercepted several python skins at the airport and made several arrests in the last week. It is much easier to smuggle the young ones as they are not easily detected by machines.

"They are then bred overseas in zoos and pet shops until they are of adult size,” said Mr Gathitu.

According to Dr Patrick Malonza, a senior research scientist in charge of herpetology at the National Museums of Kenya, the trade and trafficking of the endangered species, including the African rock python, poses a negative impact on the environment....