Wednesday, November 09, 2016

This is probably the tone of most USA allies.

It is a similar tone when "W" took the presidency. The UK leapt to the side of the USA when the Iraq coalition was formed. The reason that occurred was to have an influence with decisions made by the White House. The White House holds the reins of power for the USA military and the then Prime Minister Tony Blair made moving speeches to the Parliament regarding the relationship between the USA and Great Britain and the need for continued cooperation.

If USA allies throw their weight counter to any radicalism in the new White House they may have a stabilizing effect for their economies and national defense. 

See. As I have said.

There is always the chance a USA administration can occur from the extremes. It is that fact that controlled the elections this year. If one recalls there was $1.2 billion spent on the 2016 presidential election. The USA is compromised by it's Supreme Court and there is every indication that will continue. The difference between "W" and Trump is that Wall Street had Bush in it's back pocket, that is not the case with Trump.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop (click here) has conceded Donald Trump is set to be the next president as reaction to the US election unfolds around the globe.

Speaking just moments ago, Ms Bishop said the Australian Government was ready to work constructively with a Trump administration.

“The new administration will have a number of challenges including in our region,’’ Ms Bishop said.

We want to work constructively with the new administration to ensure a continued presence and leadership of the US in our region.’’

She said the US was a major security ally, largest foreign direct investor and second largest trading partner.

“It will be a responsibility of the Australian Government to press upon the new administration the importance of leadership (and) importance of the United States maintaining a strong presence in the region....