Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Be grateful for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He needs our support as does the governance in Alberta.

The conservation community of the USA has made some very good friends in Canada. We need to appreciate them and continue to build that relationship.

This is no different than the time of "W" and Cheney. The international community is vital to uphold the moral values we all know are best.

This is the bizarre nature of the American democracy. With only a few hundred people in the federal government the fate of the rest of the world hangs in the balance. It is outrageous to think about. Primarily Republican men that know nothing about the suffering within other countries make decisions adverse to them while they are helpless to change the course.

We are once again faced with another bizarre set of Republicans that have no desire to relate to other governments or people regardless of the impact of their decisions. We have learned a good deal about the heartless and profit driven Republican administration under "W" and Cheney. There is no reason to think differently about the burgeoning power of the Tea Party in the USA. If anything, we need to think less of them and protect more from them.

The United Nations has never been more important while the representation of the USA will dwindle into petty priorities within that global governing body. The path for peace and a benevolent Earth climate must remain on track.

I am concerned about the outrageous interference of the USA elections of 2016 by the FBI. Who's side are they on? I am concerned for the quality of intelligence in the USA and it's direction forward. Other international intelligence agencies affiliated with The West need to be high profile to stunt any wayward paths by lies within USA intelligence. I don't trust Director Comey and never will again. More than that, I don't trust the anarchy that runs rampant in the FBI and quite possibly more intelligence agencies. This disruption of the USA elections was no mistake. I suspect the anarchy of leaks within the USA intelligence community is driven by politics. Here we go again.

January 30, 2016
By Christopher Guly

It's getting harder to build an oil pipeline in Canada. (click here)

In 2013, when TransCanada Corp. proposed a cross-country pipeline that would be among the longest in the world, the Conservative Party was in power and the project's approval seemed a given.

But the new Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now requiring pipeline projects to pass a more stringent environmental review, including a climate test to determine how it would affect greenhouse gas emissions.

That change represents a major shift in environmental policy in Canada following nearly a decade of Conservative rule under Prime Minister Stephen Harper....