Friday, June 10, 2016

Religion and God's will can defeat this strategy.

Birth control is not welcome as a measure to preventing disease. The CDC should know this because of the problems experienced in Africa with recommended condoms for HIV. 

What did the United Nations do to facilitate disease prevention in Africa? The same problems with exist in South America.

According to the Miami Herald, southern Florida health officials are holding meetings for prospective parents about Zika.
June 10, 2016

...The World Health Organization (click here) says women who live in areas where Zika is spreading should consider delaying pregnancy, since there's no other sure way to avoid the virus' devastating birth defects.
The WHO stopped short of recommending that couples put pregnancy on hold.
"It's not saying they should delay. They should be given the information about it and offered that as an option," WHO spokeswoman Nyka Alexander.
Zika is rapidly spreading through Latin America and the Caribbean, and health officials in several affected countries have made similar recommendations. But the WHO's guidelines, updated last week, could affect millions of couples who live in outbreak areas.
Zika causes only a mild and brief illness, at worst, in most people. But it can cause fetal death and severe brain defects in the children of women infected during pregnancy....