Friday, June 10, 2016

Ben Jealous is leading a rally for Bernie Sanders in Washington, DC. Ben Jealous states the reason so many support Bernie Sanders is because the message has been consistent over decades. He notes that no matter where or when Bernie Sanders speaks the message has been the same. To Ben Jealous Bernie Sanders is the voice of freedom for Americans.

Ben Jealous states Bernie Sanders is the future.

Bernie Sanders states marijuana needs to be removed from the controlled substance list. He states addiction is a mental health issue and the USA needs a program to end such problems.  Bernie Sanders wants the best education for all people of the USA. Forty years ago an American could get a good job with a high school education. Today, public education has to be free into college to insure marketable skills. No one at the gathering believes that is radical.  

Bernie Sanders wants every American child to understand when they apply themselves to school they will be able to enter college.

If government's job is to encourage people to do as well as they can, why is government punishing people for their debt? There needs to be a reduction in the student loan debt.

If Congress can bail out Wall Street and trillions of dollars on wars we should have not gotten into in the first place, then it can bail out students and build better economies, especially for minority populations trapped in poverty and fiscal abuse.

There is no reason for anyone to be turned away at our election polls.  

There is a Latino community in the USA. It exists. The government has an obligation to hear them and act to address their concerns. There are 11 million people in the USA that have no legal rights and that has to change. Congress needs to act on comprehensive immigration reform. Where Congress does not act, Bernie will act with an Executive Order. 

Native Americans are owed a debt of gratitude the country can never repay. 

It sounds as though Bernie Sanders is headed for the Democratic Convention. 

Bernie Sanders state scientists and Donald Trump do not see Earth the same way. There is more tragedy expected if the American people do not end abuse of fossil fuels. Bernie states we are the custodians of Earth and we have to pursue a moral return to use of energy with alternative energies. "We can save the planet."

He states Americans should reject the message of the media because real solutions are never presented. The choice between cutting education or environmental protection is a false choice.

There is affordable housing in European countries. There is no reason American is paying 50 or 60 percent for housing. We cannot accept fellow Americans are sleeping on the streets. We can change it. 

Human needs important good and decent nutrition, affordable housing and eduction. Anerica has to guarantee health care as a right. Every ally in Europe provides health care, including Canada. It is a national embarrassment.  "Health care is a human right and not a privilege." The USA needs to pass a "Medicare Single Payer" system. The health care insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies has to be taken on to bring about relief for the American people. Last year the pharmaceutical industry made $50 billion in profit.

Bernie's campaign is "real change never takes place from the top down, but, first from the bottom up." Not long ago workers were not treated as human beings with seven day work weeks. The people formed unions and demanded rights.

The American people know how to build a better country. It has been accomplished over time with movements that demanded dedication and sacrifice. When Americans defined themselves within morality they persistent and their country is to be proud of. 

The same movement that happened then has started again with the fight for a $15 minimum wage. What seemed radical only a year ago is today accepted as an answer to poverty, 

The wealth of a nation in the hands of the 1 percent is unacceptable. The country's infrastructure is falling apart before our eyes while people sit idle without jobs. 

Bernie Sanders states the American people are ready to lead their country into a political revolution.