Monday, May 16, 2016

There is no reason for complacency. The American people are taking action to end the political establishment.

The article in The New York Times titled "The Know-Nothing Tide" (click here) is interesting from a history perspective, but, incorrect. "The Know Nothing Tide" is not what is at work here and has nothing to do with nativism. It only proves how out of touch the establishment is with the American people.

The old politics is diminishing. That may be the only aspect of the race that the Hillary Clinton campaign doesn't understand which she obviously "gets it." She has been seeking the truth and the place where "The American Heart" lives from her announcement.

My purpose is not to promote any candidate, but, to clarify the focus on the American people.

I think all the candidates 'get it.' They know the country has been deeply hurt and it is due to Wall Street greed. 

The American people do not trust anymore. It is not nativism. It is, however, the misuse of the power within THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND ECONOMY.

The establishment has misused the USA military power since the entrance into the Iraq War. It is the continued misuse of USA military power in the way of deployed advisers and drones. It is disgusting the degree the USA military insists in being involved in the middle east. The USA has caused a complete instability in the region and what makes anyone believe continuing down that road is going to improve the regional stability.

If the truth be known the establishment misuse of the USA military extends back to the Johnson administration after the Kennedy assassination. It is ridiculous and needs to end. President Kennedy has no intention to enter into a war with southeast Asia. That should have been respected by Vice President Johnson that rose to the Presidency after President Kennedy's death. The power of the USA military is overwhelming and allows it's misuse for the lack of effective opposition.

The truth be known, the only opposition that works against the USA is nuclear. I don't care the country, the nuclear bomb is the only defense against unreasonable power known as the USA military. When Ukraine became a focus there was no discussion between Europe and Russia regarding conventional warfare, President Putin immediately threatened a nuclear conflict. Realizing that method is so deadly both to Europe and Russia is to state the gross misalignment of the conventional weapons between even Russia and the USA. Non-Proliferation needs to go forward with a resolve of the global community to focus on the people and far less on war. The rebels that exist in countries struggling with developing an economy needs to end and EFFECTIVE political solutions put in place. Where in any Presidential campaign in the USA is that being stated?

A nuclear exchange between Europe and Russia is insane. The people and land would be lost for millennium. Nuclear weapons are completely unworkable no matter the country or people. Given the overwhelming force of the USA conventional force, it is not needed even for the country's defense. 

The American economy is also overwhelming. The quality of life in the USA is unchallenged. Europe in it's disrepair after 2008 still is pushing their economies back into function. In that reality any trade agreement with the USA is a failure of other countries to obtain their own economic stability. The entire world is hooked on the economy of the USA and the American people want it back.

Wall Street is as much an enemy of the American people as it's coveted Washington, DC trade agreements.

The diminished middle class and rise of poverty says it all. There is no aspect to the establishment any Americans wants to promote, except for those still profiting from it. The 1 percent and the 0.1 percent.

The political establishment went to China and the result was outsourcing that removed the economic viability from the USA. Again today, the American people are being asked to support a Pacific Ocean trade agreement as it did with NAFTA. We are going to end this practice which is nothing more than a Wall Street wallet agenda. The countries within any of these agreements do not move forward in the quality of life of it's people, ie: China, Mexico and Columbia. The only beneficiaries of these agreements is Wall Street. Nothing more. The human beings suffer regardless the country involved. Europe needs to take a long look at the Atlantic Ocean version of the trade agreements.

Wall Street at one time was the sole source of the American economy and to that reality trade agreements were an answer to increase the quality of life through employment of the American people. Post China's open borders the American people are suffering. Wall Street, which is now China's economy, is no longer the job engine it used to be in the USA. 

Today, the American people are seeking stability through understanding and expanding their local economies. It is the best and correct method to secure an American economy that creates stability. In that stability is a very good potential for trade in measured amounts.

The American people are not reacting to immigration nativism. They are suffering from their education within the USA. The American people are no longer ignorant to the political establishment and it's negligent and exploitative use of the country we affectionately call "The United States of America."

The elections of 2016 can serve to stabilize, grow and return function to Washington, DC. Washington, DC will no longer be allowed to create expansive trade agreements. Trade agreements now belong to local governments and the degree it will enhance their own stability and economic opportunity. The old trade partners will find far more of a challenge to obtain trade agreements. The visiting dignitaries can expect to witness a good quality of life in the local economies as well as a desire for any trade agreement to improve both partners and not simply one sided growth.

The American people welcome Wall Street in their ability to contribute to STABILITY in their economies. As local economies seek expansion of their economies Wall Street needs their own ambassadors as well. The American people will own their economy and will seek trade partners willing to improve the quality of life of their partners as well as their own. 

The disruption in the political establishment was obvious. This has been coming for the last few election cycles.

This is not nativism, it is however, GENUINISM. The truth, a sincere military that actually represents the American people and an economy stabilized by local authority. This is not a radical movement, it is the removal of the political establishment that obstructs the functioning of government, returning power back to Americans. Their power will be acknowledged in balloting. I congratulate the country and it's anticipated path to peace and economic stability. It is amazing to watch.