Monday, May 16, 2016

American cities should adopt sister cities in foreign markets. It is key to improving the global quality of life.

It is not a requirement to any city, but, it can be an advantage to leverage an expanding economy in the USA, while promoting a better quality of life for others. Americans love to serve and in extending a hand through sister cities is an American standard foreign cities should not overlook.

Being an internet connected city is not a requirement if the people believe they are doing better without it. Direct diplomacy is exceptionally workable. Use landline phones if that offers better security. There are many, many cities in the world without internet access. I know that seems astounding, but, it is true.

This is a peace movement to improve quality of life globally.

November 13, 2014
By Mike Maciag

Despite the Internet’s (click here) ever-growing social and economic relevance, a sizable number of Americans in select cities still aren’t connected.

For the first time, the Census Bureau collected data measuring Internet adoption in its most recent annual American Community Survey. The results depict disparities in connectivity and the current state of Internet connectivity at the local level, estimating numbers of households with access and how residents are connecting.

Nationwide, 79 percent of American households in 2013 had some form of Internet access --including mobile broadband and slower connections. Nearly all houses are hooked up to the Internet in some cities, but in other large jurisdictions, more than a third of households remain without access....