Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey, knock it off. No violence. We were stating those words about Trump supporters not long ago.

No one more than I am excited about the enthusiastic participation by supporters of any of the Democratic candidates, but, there is a limit. No one is a supporter if they are behind bars. Enthusiasm is wonderful, bad judgement of violence is simply that bad judgement.

Respect yourselves and your candidate; make a good showing, but, one thing should be apparent we all share the same values. We are supportive of the middle class, education, unions for worker strength and government that provides for upward movement, especially out of poverty.

Every person involved in these primaries have a reason to be proud, let's continue that success.

May 16, 2016
By Michelle Rindals and Nicholas Riccardi

Nevada's Democratic party (click here) on Monday warned the Democratic National Committee that Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters have a penchant for violence and may seek to disrupt the party's national convention in July, as they did during the Nevada convention Saturday
.The allegation is the latest fallout from a divisive Nevada Democratic convention that had to be shut down because security at the Paris Las Vegas hotel could no longer ensure order on Saturday night. The gathering closed with some Sanders supporters throwing chairs; later, some made death threats against state party chairwoman Roberta Lange
.Sanders' backers had been protesting convention rules that ultimately led to Hillary Clinton winning more pledged delegates. Clinton won the state's caucuses in February, 53-47, but Sanders backers hoped to pick up extra delegates by packing county and state party gatherings....