Thursday, August 10, 2017

President "Mouth" needs to end international tantrums. He is correct it is best leveled at McConnell. I find his wife's employment in the Executive Branch unconstitutional.

North Korea doesn't have to threaten Guam in order to have the attention of the region. There are many people within reach of missiles from North Korea.

April 19, 2017

Burrowed into hard granite (click here) mountain faces and protected behind blast doors, 15,000 North Korean cannons and rocket launchers are aimed at the glass skyscrapers, traffic-choked highways and blocks of apartment buildings 35 miles away in Seoul ― and the U.S. military bases beyond.

In a matter of minutes, these heavy, low-tech weapons could begin the destruction of the South Korean capital with blizzards of glass shards, collapsed buildings and massive casualties that would decimate this vibrant U.S. ally and send shock waves through the global economy....

The idea that North Korea has miniaturized nuclear weapons is somewhat irrelevant. North Korea is probably building a nuclear defense, but, it is nearly not necessary considering the growing distaste between Russia and the USA.

April 12, 2017
By Brian Wang

Russia in considering upgrading future T-14 main battle tnks (click here) to use the 2A83 152 mm gun instead of its current 2A82 125 mm gun. The 2A83 gun has a high-speed APFSDS shell with a 1,980 m/s muzzle velocity, only dropping to 1,900 m/s at 2 km.

However, Russian engineers have so far kept the 125 mm-size gun, assessing that improvements in ammunition could be enough to increase effectiveness, while concluding that a larger bore weapon would offer few practical advantage....

Think Ukraine.

The problem with miniaturized nuclear weapons goes far beyond North Korea. It is the state of play between countries that is reaching a fever pitch. North Korea is only part of it. NATO and Russia need to end their tensions and begin to rebuild peace into Europe and Asia. Donald Trump is useless in resolving the tensions in the world. Somewhere Trump spoke to Putin and made a blood pact between the two with the idea they could end nuclear proliferation and bring about peace. It's crazy. Trump is about money and Putin is about power. Who is being the fool?

Oh, by the way, Ukraine doesn't need ICBMs to defend itself. Think about it.

Russia really should appreciate peace and non-proliferation more than ever. Peace is to Russia's advantage. Nationalist politics is really not the way to go.