Thursday, August 10, 2017

It looks like India consumers are ready for a trade agreement with local USA governments. Governors need to take notice.

August 10, 2017

A recent survey of Indian consumers (click here) has suggested that 83 percent prefer Chinese goods over Indian ones, reports the big circulation Hindustan Times.
It showed that Indian consumers felt goods made in India were expensive, while Chinese goods are better value for money, and of better quality.
The online poll of 9,873 people by an Indian research company measured attitudes to similar products.
In all five surveys were carried out, asking whether Indian consumers preferred to buy Chinese goods, and if so whether that was true of all categories of goods.
Some 38 percent of those questioned said they favored Chinese durable consumer goods like mobile phones and other electronic devices, 15 percent would buy household and decorative products, and 10 percent would buy gifts items. Some 37 percent preferred Chinese goods in all the above-mentioned categories.
On the other hand, Indian consumers had higher expectations of Chinese goods. A total of 96 percent of consumers surveyed wanted the "Made in China" label clearly marked so that they could more easily decide whether to buy Chinese goods or not....