Thursday, August 10, 2017

I would change lawyers if I was Paul Manafort, too. He is not the end of the investigation, there was an internet connection between banks in Russia and the Trump Organization during the time of sanctions by the Obama Administration.

With a grand jury in place, the indictments will be forthcoming.

A lawyer (click here) connected to murdered Putin foe Sergei Magnitsky has been thrown from a window in Moscow. He was a witness for the U.S.

The investigation of Russian meddling needs to realize their subjects might be in the sights of another group of interested parties.

Manafort was involved with Yanukovych. He is a very sensitive subject for Russia. I am impressed the FBI did as well as they did in entering his home. Well done. The information could not be in better hands. I would think Paul Manafort would breathe a sigh of relief to know records were no longer an issue for Russia.