Sunday, August 06, 2017

It's Sunday Night

"The towel." The perfect picture and the perfect song to recall what is important in life and that is "self."

Alicia Keys reminds us that material belongings are more fleeting in importance than the deep emotional side of our being. The longing to be loved, needed, desired and part of the world in a great sense than we can be alone.

She reminds us how fragile we are. We can achieve the greatest wealth, the greatest power, the greatest influence in the world, but, when it comes to being whole, there is so much more that cannot be achieved by that wealth, power or influence. To be complete as a person we long for so much more than material gratification. 

"The towel." Is it seduction or is it modesty that can't be relinquished?

No one knows that answer than the woman herself. She only knows the depth of her feelings and why she is still not ready to submit or protect. It is a simple decision fraught with depth and self determination.

Decisions such as these can be the definition to a world protected or a world exploited to extinction. That is what we are facing. We are facing the real values of "The West." Do we love our possessions so much nothing else matters or do we actually have character, depth of definition to our being to value a world of beauty and purpose. 

Earth is beautiful and it has purpose and it is being destroyed by the very beings it gives life. Like a child without knowledge to the path ahead, "The West" wants to ignore the depth of decisions that lie at the feet of each one of us. Do we make that decision to protect or do we make the decision to submit. Do we allow our world to lose it's purpose of life to those that have no soul and exploit it for meaningless riches?