Sunday, August 06, 2017

I just wanted to give a "high five" to US Senator John McCain.

He looks a little tired, but, still very vital. I have a sister that has experienced multiple craniotomies, shunt revisions, radiation and five gamma knife surgeries and Senator McCain is amazing.

She does well, by the way. She has a high level of quality of life for all she has been through. The science and medicine have advanced so much that quality of life is very possible for those that recover from their tumors.

And Cindy is by his side. Nice. Really nice.

Senator McCain provided an interesting dialogue during this interview.

August 1, 2017

During his visit to The Arizona Republic (click hereeditorial board Thursday, McCain offered an analysis of the situation that reflects the dangers of the modern world.

Terrorist groups, like ISIS, pose an ongoing threat, and they will continue to launch attacks, he said. But they do not have the military capability, technology and ambition to back up their intent to rule the world.

Russia does. And Russia is not a friend to the free world.

In addition to attempting to influence the 2016 presidential campaign in this country, evidence suggests Russia also sought to influence the recent presidential election in France. Germany expects Putin’s hackers to try to influence its Sept. 24 general elections.

Russia has established a presence in the Middle East and continues to exert pressure on eastern European countries, McCain says....