Sunday, August 06, 2017

I think the IPCC has made compelling facts about the dangers of mismanagement of savvanna fires.

"Smokey" (click here) is still out there and still working to protect forests. The children love him. Perhaps he can visit neighborhoods around the world, too.

Each savanna is different than the next. They require dedicated staff that keep detailed records regarding NATIVE and INVASIVE SPECIES plants. Anytime I am concerned for the balance of a biotic area, I look into journals for PLANT INVENTORIES of TRANSECTS of the area. Somewhere in the history of land on Earth there is some scientist/botanist that was compelled to make a study of the land and it's flora. Most of the time when I look for these historical transect inventories I find them. The funding for such important information was available then. 

So, if there is mismanaged savannas with fire ecology there can be restoration if a search for historical inventories is made. It is fascinating the dedication that has occurred in knowing the importance to the future of such inventories. Our forefathers knew we were coming.

The loop below is made by American firefighters. The idea is to get the fire out, to save lives and property, but, most importantly to save the forest as well. I don't know if these techniques will work everywhere in the world, but, I guarantee if American firefighters were asked to look at African savannas, they could tell you what will work and won't. They are incredible people with a great deal of knowledge in how to fight and prevent unnecessary fires. The US Forest Service would be another strong resource to proper management of savannas, even African savannas. They study stuff from more than the USA. Guaranteed. They love their work.