Thursday, July 20, 2017

If the country hasn't solved the "hanging chad" then what did we go through all that for?

This is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. Trump makes an outrageous political statement and this is the result. OMG. He has no legitimacy if he can't cut to the chase and move the country forward without a chronic circus.

July 18, 2017
By Michael Wines

President Trump’s commission (click here) investigating voter fraud held its first meeting Wednesday amid a swirl of partisan acrimony and questions about whether it is looking for facts or has already decided which facts it is trying to find.

The session featured an early statement by Mr. Trump, whose baseless claim that he would have won the popular vote in 2016 if not for millions of illegal voters hung over the gathering. He said he was told stories during and after his presidential campaign of voting irregularities “in some cases having to do with large numbers of people in certain states.”

The meeting’s coda was an MSNBC television interview in which Kris Kobach, the Kansas Republican who is the panel’s vice chairman and de facto head, was asked, “Do you believe Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by three to five million votes because of voter fraud?” He replied: “We will probably never know the answer to that question. Because even if you could prove that a certain number of votes were cast by ineligible voters, for example, you wouldn’t know how they voted.”...