Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another poison and the USA looks the other way at citizen safety. This should be prescribed and monitored.

20 July 2017

Enthusiastic tooth brushers are being warned to stay away from Colgate Total toothpaste, or at least to use it sparingly.

The toothpaste is one of the few toiletries in New Zealand that still uses triclosan, an antibacterial that was once commonly found in soaps, toothpastes and body washes.

That was until September last year, when the US Food and Drug Administration banned it from soap because of possible health risks.

Triclosan has been linked to changes in hormone function, liver and kidney damage, and is a suspected carcinogen....

It isn't just toothpaste.

Colgate Total® Mouthwash provides your patients and your practice with a shield of protection.

Its 0.075% CPC formula provides your patients with 12 hours of antibacterial protection, even after eating and drinking. Within your practice, the use of Colgate 

Total® Mouthwash as a pre-­procedural rinse will allow you to shield your practice by reducing aerosolized bacteria by 77%.