Monday, June 19, 2017

There are discriminatory views that have to be assessed in the UK and Europe.

The person who died was already receiving aid at the Mosque. The person was probably unable to get out of the way of the van. But, others were injured as well. It is stated all the injuries looked serious.

I think it is appropriate to discuss immigration plans of a country among the incidents of attacks on citizens because the immigration limits stem from fear.

I will say this about immigration recently into Europe. It was foolhearty to allow so many to come from the Middle East, especially Syria, where primarily young men without families entered the continent.

Within Europe there is also a problem with discrimination among it's citizens. I strongly suggest before more people are brought into the UK or Europe in mass numbers an assessment of discrimination and it's impact on labor be conducted.

There needs to be stronger discrimination laws in the EU and UK with a focus on providing quality of life to all citizens through work with a living wage. The leaders of the EU countries and the UK know where these issues lie. Discrimination breeds oppression and oppression breeds hate.

So, while Theresa May's decision to hold the numbers of immigrants down is unpopular in the business community, she is not completely incorrect. Limiting the number of immigrants will call up those normally discriminated against for another look at their job readiness and willingness. I think the people in the UK and the EU, whom are citizens or wanting to be citizens, be fully engaged, thus fully invested in the well being and prosperity of the country.

I realize the unemployment rate in the EU and UK is at rates are low similar to the USA, but, there are some underlying social issues that MUST be addressed to insure all the people are a part of a satisfying life with potential.

This attack on the Mosque was retaliation for all the other bombings occurring in the UK. The structure fire that took lives recently didn't help the fear in the country. I am confident many Brits were seeing the fire as a terror attack. I don't believe it was, but, when people are fearful they will react in unexpected ways.

I believe Prime Minister May is also addressing the fear within the UK with such announcements. I am sure the fear is palpable. The fear is an enemy of the UK, too. Fear needs treatment when it is irrational and out of control. It is my estimate this attack on the Mosque was exactly that, irrational and out of control.

The Post Brexit government has to have the legitimacy of the people while other parties rebuild TRUST citizens can believe in. The UK needs the commitment of all it's leaders to address their deepest concerns, including, equity in employment and the stability of their economy. The shortage of labor will become evident and then can be addressed in a real way and perhaps Prime Minister May will be proven foolish.

June 19, 2017
By Andrew Grice

Theresa May’s post-Brexit plan (click here) to slash immigration will have a devastating “double whammy” impact on the British economy, according to the most detailed study of EU nationals to date.

The new report seen by The Independent reveals how the Prime Minister’s stubborn refusal to dump her “tens of thousands” cap on net migration would not only cut off a vital supply of labour, but deepen existing shortages in key sectors.

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