Monday, June 19, 2017

The exterior coating on the Grenfell Tower was illegal in the UK.

June 18, 2017
By Aine Fox

A young girl evacuated (click here) amid the Grenfell Tower fire and a man saved from the 19th floor of the burning building moved the Prime Minister to "well up" as she listened to their harrowing accounts.

Theresa May met survivors of the disaster and others who helped get people out as the fire raged, prompting her to release a strongly-worded statement saying support for victims in the immediate aftermath of the atrocity "was not good enough".

Those she met on Friday evening near the site in west London were invited to Downing Street on Saturday to "continue the conversation" after Mrs May had to be rushed away from the scene due to angry protests, the Area Dean of Kensington said....

June 15, 2017
By Chloe Chaplain

Survivors: Hundreds of families have been affected 

In a touching show of solidarity (click here) people across the UK have even offered to vacate their homes to make way for those affected by the horrific events of Tuesday night.

Seventeen people have been confirmed dead – with that number expected to rise – and hundreds have been displaced from their homes.

Emergency funds have been set up and collection points are operating across the capital, where Londoners can donate whatever they are able....

The survivors of the inferno are facing the lost of everything in their lives. Their belongs and their memories.

June 15, 2017
By Tara Evan

The local council (click here) is providing emergency assistance to those families affected by the blaze but it’s feared many do not have insurance cover....

Firefighters did everything they could to save lives, but, the smoke was more of an enemy than they expected.

If they don't train for buildings with illegal coatings, why should they be prepared to do the unexpected? Those coatings burn hot and fast. They are impossible to extinguish in the reaction time that reality dictates.

Governments don't regulate because it favors one company over another, it regulates to save lives and protect quality of life.

June 18, 2017
By Narjas Zatat

...Arriving at the scene, (click here) he said he was instructed to answer a call for help on the 14th floor, Flat 113 – where people were known to be waiting for help – along with his crew mate Terry Lowe.

However their first attempt to reach it failed and on the 10th floor the duo discovered a mother attempting to carry her daughter away from the flames.

They decided to take the two people down to the third floor, where they were handed over to other crew members and evacuated.

The pair tried to get to the 14th floor for a second time, but only managed to get to the eighth before they were confronted by another woman and a small girl in her pyjamas.

After taking them down, they were ordered to leave the building because the consuming smoke had rendered the environment too dangerous even for those wearing fire safety equipment....