Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Reality check!

June 5, 2017
By Buster Coen

After a weak Memorial Day frame, (click here) the box office was invigorated this past weekend by a big debut from Warner Bros.' "Wonder Woman."

Opening to $100.5 million, the DC film had one of the top openings of all time for a superhero origin movie, and the biggest opening ever for a film directed by a woman....

Not a member of the Screen Actor's Guild?

June 20, 2017
By Boede Carmody

Wonder Woman (click here) may have been pivotal in ending World War I, but there's still one fight she's yet to win: the gender pay gap. 

Everyone's favourite sword-wielding Amazonian, Gal Gadot, earned just $400,000 for her role in DC's latest superhero blockbuster....

This was a delightful film for even me. Wonder Woman is viewed growing into her role, not just as a child to adult, but, as a superhero.

Her inner self grows to realize the power within her over the entire film. It is delightful and harnesses the idea strength grows in self-awareness. She achieves her final strength as her favorite human dies (a hero himself) and she is confronted by a half-sibling, Ares, Ares is the God of War in Greek mythology.

Wonder Woman is younger, protected and less aware of the world. Ares uses that to his advantage. In the final scenes of her struggle, she digs deep and finds even greater power given her by her heritage. 

I won't give the ending away, but, it is a fun ride. 

This is a female directed film and I have to wonder what her salary was. I am rather disappointed Gal Gadot can buy a house, but, not a Delorian to take her Back to the Future. Because that is what is needed for Ms. Gadot and her director. They need a trip back to the future with a modern day respect for the talent in this fim. Ms. Gadot needs a guaranteed portion of the movie's revenue as does the director. 

Warner Brothers should be the proud father of the largest grossing film by a female director. It is a historical event to be proud of. The salaries of the women in the film should reflect that event.

And lose this poster. It reminds me of a pregnant image. Yes, I think that is victimizing, especially to the younger girls that will view this film and see this poster. I find it offensive.

Congratulations to Wonder Woman and all it's women that made it a great film.