Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Russia believes the USA is as dangerous as Pakistan.

Listening to former DHS Secretary Johnson, it reminds me of a country concerned about the nuclear power of the USA and it's handlers.

I am not defending Russia, but, I believe Putin is worried about the stability and leadership of the USA since "W."

The question the USA should be asking is, "What does the USA look like to the rest of the world?"

I recognize Russia has breached the USA sovereignty as it relates to cyber space and it's relationship with politics and voters. That is a real threat. But, one has to wonder why Vladimir Putin would be involved directly.

Russia invaded the cyber space of the USA to expose the Democratic Party politics to control the outcome of the 2016 elections. Putin is very used to leading other leaders. He was building or perhaps has built that relationship with Trump. It could be fiscal, but, it's more than that. 

Clinton would not be easy to lead. A novice at the top of a government requires leadership and in this case Russia. One has to ask what possessed Putin to STUDY the voter base of the USA. 

Trump fits the need for Putin without a doubt in my mind. But, copying the voter bases is data mining. Why? Russia wants to influence all the USA elections from here forward? If so, why? It obviously has occurred since the fall of Iraq and the subsequent instability in the Middle East.

The global community is always concerned about whom has control of the nukes in Pakistan because of the gross instability in government (assassinations and treason trials) and the unpredictable ISI. Has the USA since "W" become another Pakistan? If we are calling the USA a Banana Republic, what consequence does the world face due to that fact?

I have to return to the White Supremacist movement in the USA. It has been successful. It has been very successful in elections. What happens to other peoples and other countries when a real madman takes the controls in the White House? 

The Russian prowess of cyber space is one of the reasons the F-35 is so very impractical. It is one of the reasons computers in government in sensitive areas is so completely ridiculous.

The issues are greater than Russia. We have witnessed the release of information from Republican organizations of member lists. It is to provide the country with information that will build and favor the GOP. In other words, if a job has candidates of equal stature, a GOP member should be chosen over anyone else. Why risk having anyone but a religious conservative in the company? It is a problem and now the morons of the GOP have an ally from outside the USA, namely Putin.

The GOP is corrupt. It is corrupt to the core. What political organization turns it's back on it's own children and plows full speed ahead with oil gluts in the face of a climate crisis? And they are very worried their "Old World" is coming to a close and they can't stop it. The ambitions of the GOP are toxic and any thinking, feeling American knows it.

I have an image in my mind I can't shake lately so let me share it with you. This is serious and not a joke, "Golden Showers, Trump." Translated into the president's place in the GOP it is "The Golden Showers GOP." Excuse the vulgarity, but, basically doesn't the GOP say "piss on it." "Piss on everything, EXCEPT, our cronies." 

It doesn't take a genius to throw the baby out with the bath water and isn't that what Wall Street wants?

Trump has captured the imagination of Americans to believe their country can be formed and shaped into their expectations without consequence. Americans are dummied down enough to believe they don't need government, except, for a mighty military. Well, their mighty military is being disarmed in the Pacific Ocean by freighter ships. There is a reason an aircraft carrier has an escort of very powerful ships, because, without them it is vulnerable should it's jets not be able to intercept and destroy incoming enemy jets.

The USA's reputation is extremely tarnished since the invasion into Iraq. Democracy in Egypt turned into a nightmare that brought about vulnerabilities to leadership that wished to do harm to citizens to achieve it's ideological goals. What if that happened in the USA? What if a leader thought it is time to do away with all the people his ideologies opposed and finally find Valhalla on Earth. A world shaped by ideology does manifest into the monster it is suppose to be.

I believe we are at that juncture. There is authority in the USA giving themselves permission to ravage our land, turn their backs on American health, reduce Medicare to a voucher and USE the USA government infrastructure for THEIR ideological purpose and let's not even start on my view of our imperiled education system.

I am dead serious. We are at a very dangerous place in history of the USA and Putin is pulling the puppet strings in the White House. The question we should be asking is, why and what purpose does it ultimately serve? No NATO? A return of the USSR?

Basically, we can't trust the people in power in the government in Washington, DC and it's isn't because of corruption feeding Wall Street; it is because of stupidity in leadership that creates vulnerability that is dismantling our democracy. 

I want every American to realize, the GOP has an ally outside the USA and it is Russia. That is a fact. Now, what are we all going to do about it?