Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jon Ossoff is a good and decent man.

He should be judged by voters on his character, his history, his values that he reflects in his desire to be the USA House Representative for Georgia's 6th district and the best outcomes of the citizens of this district.

June 19, 2017
By John Kruzel

An attack ad (click here) released on the eve of Georgia’s special House election claims Democrat Jon Ossoff has the support of "unhinged leftists" who celebrated the shooting of Republican lawmakers.

The video, from a group calling itself Principled PAC, opens with the sound of gunfire over footage of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., being wheeled on a stretcher. Scalise was critically wounded in the June 14 attack on a GOP congressional baseball practice that left five others with gunshot wounds and the shooter dead.

"The unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans," states the ad, which was viewed more than 86,000 times on YouTube since June 18. "When will it stop? It won’t if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday, because the same unhinged leftists cheering last week's shooting are all backing Jon Ossoff."...

U.S. House of Representative Scalise is in a hospital fighting for his life and the only question I have at the moment is the condition of his mentation. Was he impaired from lack of oxygen due to low blood volume at the scene of the shooting. From what is told in the attack ad there is a very bloody scene which I had not viewed in the news media. If he lost too much blood his brain may have been starved for oxygen for a longer period of time than is sustainable for a complete recovery.

I don't care to view the attack ad either. I do not believe violence should be part of an election in the manner this attack ad uses the visual impact. It is immoral and wrong. 

Rep. Scalise is a self proclaimed "White Supremacist." Does anyone stop to realize the deaths that have taken place in this country in the name of White Supremacy, including judges and prison wardens? Yet, Scalise persists in his staunch beliefs that are now reflected by high ranking officials inside the White House with access to the Oval Office.

Does anyone remember the wreath laid in Israel in remembrance of the Jewish people that perished during the Holocaust? "In Remembrance from Donald J. Trump President United States of America." The wreath in the video below is the one I am referencing. The ribbon is odd enough, but, if President Trump found it necessary to personalize the message one has to wonder why. In his capacity of President of the USA on an official trip he represents all the people of the USA. Yet, in this particular instance he personalized the message. It was his choice as a person to lay this wreath and remove the message of it from the people in general. Is there a segment of American society that objects to the Jewish race? Is there a member of that segment of the American society that is in a high ranking place in the Oval Office and White House?

18 December 2016

A white supremacist website (click here) has endangered the people's lives by postign contact details and photos of Jewish residents in a small Montana town - where the mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer lives - and has urged readers to "take action"....

Now, you will excuse me, but, this is a direct threat to the Jewish people of Whitefish, Montana. A direct threat. These guys aren't messing around. Then I read today there was a Republican website that published it's voter bank. What does that mean? Favoritism in the American society and rejection of others even in their place of work?

When an American travels abroad to attend White Supremacist conventions it means that American is involved with the global movement of hate based in the philosophy of these ORGANIZATIONS. This isn't a man or a group of riflemen, these are highly organized and powerful organizations that profess hate.

Make no mistake about it, white supremacist organizations hate and want DEAD the Jewish and the Black race. Scalise is one of these people. In professing hate and representing it at a high ranking level of the Republican Party will result in certain dangers to one's well being and life. No one asked to have Steve Scalise assaulted by a military style gun that day at the baseball diamond. But, it happened. The party affiliation is not the issue here. US Senator Bernie Sanders has denounced violence and he accepts the idea Americans have the right to keep guns.

The attack ad is wrong and immoral. It exploits, as if a sympathetic figure, the injuries of a white supremacist congressman. People have strong feelings about the ISSUE OF DEATH. I cannot stand in sympathy of Mr. Scalise. I wish him no harm and never did, but, his life has spoken for itself and I care not to see him in any other light except as a man that supports the DEATHS of other races. I cannot make that turn and I won't. He is a dangerous man and he is not a sympathetic figure.