Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NATO should have offered an escort to wherever the Minister was going. Buzzing is so gauche.

21 June 2017

A NATO military plane (click here) on Wednesday approached the plane of Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu above the Baltic Sea, Russian news agencies reported, the third such encounter in three days....

The royals offer such valuable support to the UK. It isn't simply symbolic, their words carry brevity inside and outside the country. 

21 June 2017

The Prince of Wales (click here) has delivered a personal message of solidarity from the Queen as he visited faith leaders and community members including a victim of the suspected terror attack in Finsbury Park.

One man died and nine people were taken to hospital when a van driver targeted an area busy with worshippers attending Ramadan night prayers at a nearby mosque in the early hours of Monday....

The longest day of the year in Great Britain brings sweltering temperatures.

A child plays in a fountain at Bradford.

News today (19 June 2017) (click here) from the Met Office that the hot weather will now continue until Thursday, has prompted PHE to repeat its advice on how to beat the heat.

For the majority of people it is about common sense - staying cool, drinking plenty of water to maintain hydration, and avoiding sunburn. However, some groups can be particularly vulnerable and at much greater risk of harm, especially those with underlying heart and lung conditions, older people, babies and young children.

Looking out for people in these groups is important while most of England swelters under high temperatures.

Temperatures today were expected to top 30oC in many places – which is above the point at which hot weather can impact the public’s health....