Saturday, June 10, 2017

"I better hope there are not tapes....(as a catalyst) for appointment of a special prosecutor.

June 10, 2017
By Katie Bo Williams

James Comey’s release of his memos (click here) to The New York Times was a carefully orchestrated act that appeared designed to shield him from any legal repercussions, whistleblower and ethics lawyers say. 

While President Trump’s personal lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, is reportedly preparing a leak complaint against Comey, experts say the fight over Comey’s disclosures is more political than legal.

“It’s clear that Comey understood the legal principles [protecting disclosures],” said Stephen Kohn, a lawyer who specializes in whistleblower cases.

But, he said, “Trump’s lawyer was also smart because he’s filing these complaints in places that don’t mean anything. It’s public relations.”

The memos, which Comey wrote to contemporaneously document his encounters with the president, have become a flashpoint in the administration’s response to the former FBI director’s scathing testimony before a Senate panel Thursday....

"...a carefully orchestrated act that appeared designed to shield him from any legal repercussions, whistleblower..."

That is not what James Comey said. He said he was hoping the exposure of his notes or their content would spawn a special prosecutor. What is so hard to understand? Isn't Mueller a Special Prosecutor? I guess Comey knew what he was doing. Why assign any other reason (which I could think of a few) when he already explained himself and he was right. Why the 'big hunt for the real reason.' It is  none sense. If Mueller wasn't so apparent there may be a reason to speculate, but, there is no reason to speculate. If James Comey is the recipient of legal benefits; good for him. He deserves it!

June 6, 2017
By Emma Kinery

The Columbia Law School website crashed (click here) after former FBI Director James Comey testified at a congressional hearing that he asked a friend who is a professor at the university to leak a memo he wrote about a conversation with President Trump....

Mueller is a special council. What he will find could easily lead to prosecution. There is no difference. Comey got what he wanted. GOT THAT! COMEY GOT WHAT HE WANTED!

June 9, 2017
By Sari Horwitz

One of the federal government’s top criminal law specialists (click here) is joining the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III centered on possible coordination between President Trump’s associates and Russian officials.

Justice Department deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben, who has argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court, is the department’s go-to lawyer on criminal justice cases and is highly respected by Democrats and Republicans because of his encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law.

Dreeben will work part time for Mueller, according to Justice officials, while he continues to oversee the department’s criminal appellate cases.

Former and current Justice Department officials say that Mueller’s recruitment of Dreeben shows how serious he is about the investigation and signals complexities in the probe.

“Michael is the most brilliant and most knowledgeable federal criminal lawyer in America — period,” said Walter Dellinger, a law professor at Duke University School of Law and acting solicitor general for the 1996-1997 term of the Supreme Court....

As far as I am concerned, what is there to know? This isn't enough? Give me a break.

Trump's election team is guilty as sin. There are more members to the Trump election team that have connections with communists than members that don't, including now his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Trump is as dirty as they come. No one is going to make him clean again, it is not possible. The corruption is a thick as the pea soup at dinner.

The reason the investigation by the Senate is taking place is because elected Republicans are afraid of Trump. There has to be a warehouse or perhaps a parking garage somewhere with enough evidence of "Shady Don" to impeach him ten times over. 

Right now. This very instance, the Republicans have the USA at risk of it's national security because they are afraid of Trump and they love the corruption. They don't care the country's national security is at risk. The Republicans are simply hoping the investigation goes on long enough to complete their corrupt practices before Trump is impeached.