Saturday, June 10, 2017

This is voter suppression. People like him and he does well in the polls, but, this is voter suppression.

Democrat Jon Ossoff (center) (click here) at Atlanta International Airport, flanked by Reps. John Lewis (at left) and Hank Johnson (Jan. 29, 2017).

Special election June 20th!


June 9, 2017

...Nervous Democrats (click here) are not planning a victory party yet. Roundtree noted that records showing who has cast early votes in the special election so far include more voters with a GOP primary voting history, as opposed to voters with a history of voting in Democratic primaries. (Voters do not register by party in Georgia; past primary participation is the closest proxy in Georgia's voter registration data.)...

Voter suppression is one of the problems that are putting a drag on Democrats at the ballot box. Hillary Clinton ran into this phenomena in Georgia last year.

October 24, 2016
By Vanessa Williams

...Fresh polls in the Peach State (click here) show a tightening presidential race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, who has complained that the election is “rigged” against him nationwide. But voting rights advocates in Georgia say Republican state and local election officials are undermining the fairness of the vote by passing laws and adopting procedures that deter minorities and young people, groups that typically vote Democratic....

Democrats can raise money, too. Jon Ossoff is a primary example of that. Democrats can also get out the vote. But, Democrats cannot erase corruption of Republican politicians that seek to effect the vote through underhanded ways. I hope the Ossoff campaign is tracking down all potential suppression. If they do it will make a difference if a judge will listen to the facts. FACTS. Not opinion, FACTS.

I wish him luck. He is the new generation of Democrat and they need to win!

Jon Ossoff for Congress (click here)