Thursday, May 25, 2017

Teaching human beings they are worthless.

To combat bullying it is necessary to show respect. That means:

1. The ability to give honest apologies when in error.

2. The ability to understand and be accepting of differences.

3. The capacity for empathy.

4. The ability to treat others fairly.

5. To understand common courtesy and the use of chosen names when addressing a person.

6. The ability to truly listen and hear what an individual is saying.

7. The ability to address and confront difficult issues directly.

8. The ability to be trustworthy and honest while acknowledging that everyone (that means all people of all ages, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.) is fallible.

The questions arise as to leadership in the USA government and state governments, when it exhibits the inability to, being dishonest and lacking understanding and/or capacity to deal with life in a real way.

People are real and deserve RESPECT at all levels.

How are citizens going to feel if they are unwell because a political party is nothing short of a bully and does not value human life!

May 24, 2017
By Yasmeen Abutaleb

A bill passed by U.S. House Republicans (click here) would cause 23 million people to lose healthcare coverage by 2026 while de-stabilizing health insurance markets in some states and making it hard for sick people to buy insurance, a budget watchdog agency said on Wednesday.

The Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan group of experts who analyze U.S. legislation, said the bill would reduce federal deficits by $119 billion between 2017 and 2026.

The report could give added ammunition to Democrats who have accused President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans of putting sick and low-income people at risk with their effort to roll back former President Barack Obama's signature 2010 healthcare law, formally known as the Affordable Care Act but often called Obamacare.

The report also complicates the job of Senate Republicans - some of whom already have doubts about the House bill - as they craft their own healthcare legislation....

Our young people learn by example. Need I say more!

A human life and its life experience does not have a price tag. It is why the health care system needs to run better and reflect the sincere health of the American people. When health care is sacrificed there can be gross abuses by government deregulation that cause harm and death.

If there are problems with health care costs in the USA, then it is imperative to look to the underlying health of the people and the abuse of government and private industry to correct the path and bring about a better quality of life that does not require chronic health care, ie: Lung cancer caused by cigarettes that resulted in large Medicare and Medicaid expenditures. The precedents are there!

The USA health care system is a barometer to the nation's health and the adjustments needed to provide quality of life and longevity.

This is a highly traditional role for the USA health care system. It is monitored through the professions themselves to identify and eliminate factors that cause health problems and shorten the lives of Americans.

That barometer does not permit for the fiscal bullying of Americans when it is known that Americans will not receive sufficient health care within their lives. The private industry needs to provide reasonable costs to health care or other measures should be sought.

Currently, there is a "15 %" window for profits for the private sector. If all regulations are removed there is a very good chance the health care costs for Americans will skyrocket as CEOs will seek to make up for lost ground. It is unacceptable to allow such regulations to be removed or modified to exploit the health of American human beings.

In legal definitions currently existing in law, a person can be measured by an inanimate object called money, so the word human being is deliberate. 

Money is never a human being. The other definition of human being that can never be applied to money or any other inanimate object is its species designation.

The species name is Homo sapien. It is the same species designation across all varieties of age and otherwise. A Homo sapien is a Homo sapien either alive or dead. It does not change names across country borders. It is permanent, specific and lasting.