Thursday, May 25, 2017

It has come to my attention...

...that the State of Michigan employees are hostages to a tyrannical manager assigned by Snyder to oversee the entire of the state's business.

Evidently, the State of Michigan employees can be seen through their computer ports to be sure they are on the job. Got that? At any point in time the cameras, when equipped with one, can be used to spy on and evaluate the employee on the job.


...they are chained to their desks and not only hostages, by invisible chains operated by computer time and date stamp.

In other words, the employee is not allowed to get up from their desk and say hello in a unauthorized moment. They have to conduct their behavior according to a schedule on their desktop. If an employee is going to a meeting they can only leave their desk at the very moment necessary to walk to the meeting room OR if out of the building, the very moment it is necessary to walk to another building or travel by automobile.


An employee of the State of Michigan is first a human being who has consented to work for the 'State Machine' for a salary and benefits.

There should be more minorities in that picture because I know that does not reflect the ratio at all.

Human beings are not perfect. The idea a human being  can be trained as a monkey to perform to a standard set by a computer is idiocy.

Additionally, human beings require movement in their daily schedule. The Japanese have been noted to supply exercise during the work day in recognition of this odd fact about 'the human being.' Additionally, the human being needs bathroom breaks, that is especially true of women in the many conditions they find their body in on any given day.

I demand every State of Michigan employee have a 15 minute break every 2 hours at the very least to accommodate bodily functions and provide ambulation. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW a State of Michigan employee had blood clots in their legs because they were sequestered to a desk without ambulation for an unreasonable period of time.


Water is something the State of Michigan should know something about, especially clean drinking water and water passing over OLD and DETERIORATING oil pipes. But, as to water consumption, the employees of the State of Michigan need to drink beverages during the day. That is best accommodated with so called "Coffee Breaks" and a period known as "Lunch time."

The only place the issue of 'withholding food and fluids' comes up, in the USA, is with Hospice care. Hospice care DOES NOT INCLUDE withholding food and fluids AT ALL! If I am not mistaken the withholding of food and fluids is a form of torture.

Realizing the extent the State of Michigan employees are handcuffed to their computers it is easy to understand why they are sometimes viewed by average people as hostages tortured by the state manager.