Thursday, May 25, 2017

President Trump's visit to Israel was thoughtful.

The presentation of the Memorial Wreath in Israel is noteworthy. I was especially moved by the reaction of Prime Minister Netanyahu. He was visually moved by the entire event. I have never seen him speechless. He was initially speechless when he stepped to the podium. He stated there were many firsts with this visit, including, having Israel included on the first foreign trip by a sitting President. I doubt many Americans knew that. Perhaps Israel doesn't realize it is often a daily presence on the minds of Americas, as is anti-semitism. For that reason alone Steve Bannon is an odd inclusion to the White House staff. 

Also to be noted, this was a trip to bring focus to the Trump Middle East policy and focus on religion and fighting terrorism.

One other thing, the message on the wreath was a first as well. Usually laying of a wreath is self-explanatory without a message on the ribbon. But, it was tastefully done.  Very Americanism. Is that a word? Americanism. I don't think that is a word.