Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Republican plan would not be possible if the Affordable Care Act wasn't passed.

House Republicans (click here) finalized their a health-care reform bill, about a month after they had to pull a similar bill from consideration for lack of support. The latest version of the American Health Care Act was opposed by all 193 Democrats opposed the bill and 20 Republicans — primarily moderates who thought the legislation rolls back health-care benefits too much....

They are building penalties into their plan that would create incentives for Americans to keep their plans.

There is a lot of conflicting states that creates gray areas. The hi-risk pools are suppose to keep their current insurance and if they don't they can be charged a much higher premium for the same coverage. 

Medicaid is a block grant. That is going to balance the state's budgets. The poor won't see much of it.

This kills the health care bill, "States would be allowed to change what qualifies as essential health benefits,"such as hospitals and the like. Congress does not have the authority to define health care. It is a professional standard set by decades of practice. 

The Planned Parenthood's funding freeze is discriminatory and victimizing. 

All this is going to the courts.

It doesn't look like SCHIP has been touched.

The fact the bill was never assessed by the GAO will raise a lot of questions in the courts. The medical profession will call this government corruption and overreach without any fiscal benefit known to the American people.

They are altering tax credits without any input from the GAO. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was before the GAO every time there was a change in the dynamics.

I am sure none of the taxes were removed, except, the individual mandate; YET; there are tax credits. The individual mandate AND it's fees/taxes is what maintained the ACA in the first place. The taxes allowed the entire bill to exist. Now that is going to be removed? There is no constitutional basis for the bill to continue to stand without the individual mandate and it's FEES/TAXES.

It will topple like a house of cards.

That is the first thing that will be put before the courts. It has to be. Without it, there is no law.