Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sikor Natuan, (click here) the son of the local chief, holds two official portraits Prince Philip in front of the chief's hut in the remote village of Yaohnanen on Tanna in Vanuatu. This image was taken ahead of the Duke’s 90th birthday.

January 27, 2015
There is another storm headed to this tiny island and they are once again worried about 93 year old Duke Phillip and their future.

Mr Baylis said they may see it as an indication the Duke (click here) has reached a higher sacred status, similar to local 'taboo men' who are separated from others and subject to various restrictions.

"They told me that they see Philip's living in a Palace, surrounded by guards, and travelling in a car with darkened windows, as evidence of his taboo status," he said. "So they may well see his withdrawal from public duties as connected to that - having attained some higher rung of taboo, sacred status."

"Equally, they might think he is preparing to come 'back' to Tanna, in some form, spiritually or bodily."