Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Can it be agreed that police killed Mr. Sterling? I think that is clear.

May 3, 2017
By Mark Berman and Wesley Lowery

...2. Some things were kept out of the report (click here) — but not kept secret

The Justice Department says that “particularly sensitive facts and evidence” are not being disclosed to maintain the integrity of a forthcoming state investigation.

However, attorneys for Sterling’s family announced at a news conference that federal investigators told them that Salamoni, before the shooting — when the officer first drew his gun and pointed it at Sterling’s head — told Sterling, “I’m going to kill you.”

That detail, which Sterling’s family’s attorney say was drawn from still-unreleased audio and video of the interaction, could be a factor in whether state prosecutors bring charges.

“It shows Officer Salamoni’s mindframe,” Chris Stewart, the lead attorney for the Sterling family, said in an interview. “He was just out there raging, to put a gun to someone’s head who isn’t doing anything. They weren’t wrestling or fighting yet.”

An attorney for Salamoni declined to discuss whether the officer made the threat....

The question is why was Mr. Sterling killed. This is not about his crime. Crimes are suppose to be tried in a court of law and not decided on the street by police officers. That is the problem in the Philippines and should be a real concern when it happens in the USA.

A gun is not a restraining device. That is something that occurs all to often. The gun is drawn and used inappropriately. In the case of Mr. Sterling it is completely obvious the gun was used inappropriately. A gun of a police officer should never be used to threaten a citizen to lie still. The job of the police officer, or in this case officers, is to restrain the suspect and arrest him. Guns are not a restraining device. There was absolutely no indication Mr. Sterling was anything but restrained. 

If Mr. Sterling was proving to be a problem to get into hand cuffs then the police have a microphone (in the case of most police departments) on their shoulder so BACK UP can be called. A gun is not a restraining device.

There is no reason for a police officer to shoot anyone if they are unarmed OR have been disarmed.

There is every reason to believe if a police officer is holding a gun to the head of someone restrained, especially with the fear of police running through the African American Community today, the suspect will struggle more in an attempt to get away.

I profoundly believe the federal authorities are dead "W"rong. The officer deliberately shot Mr. Sterling while he was adequately restrained. If an officer can remove his hand to find his gun, open the safety and kill a man; he could have called for back up from his shoulder microphone.

In the years of "W" we saw a new police procedure called, "barrage of bullets." Now, police are being exonerated for killing a man in cold blood and carrying out their own justice on the street.