Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Now it is back to killing civilians. There were three American soldiers injured, but, also 25 innocent civilians wounded.

That is a messed up MRAP. It did it's job, though. Tires or tracks would have met the same end. The turrets take care of the flat tires. I hate war.

Perhaps announcing the expected arrival of a convoy will provide a chance to clear traffic and people and prevent a chance for suicide bombers. Yes?

I think that is the right thing to do. I realize how unannounced arrivals can be viewed as a safer method, however, this clearly illustrates there is no such thing as an unannounced arrival. I would think that obvious.

There is no way of taming a government infrastructure if there are leaks, especially when the American presence is minimal and not part of the day to day activity of a government. In this case, the announced arrival brings with it an understanding of danger. In that, the procedure that brings these military machines into a civilian area is important enough. Clearing the area while procedures are carried out is far more safer in my opinion.

I think it was really poor insight and planning. Someone is getting lazy. The attack on the unarmed Afghan military should have been a clue to the increased hatred in the country. Someone is desperately trying to disrupt whatever peace exists in Afghanistan. 

IT IS NOT SAFE FOR AMERICANS ANYMORE! And from the looks of it, anyone else for that matter.

I would expect any supplies that were to be off loaded would be done so by Americans AFTER they checked the area as if a war zone and under attack. Americans need to carry out their activity in plain sight and with respect for the lives of civilians.

I thought the USA military was suppose to be good at urban warfare.

May 3, 2017
By Mujib Mashal and Fahim Abed

Kabul, Afghanistan — At least eight Afghan civilians (click here) were killed and three American soldiers wounded on Wednesday when a suicide bomber attacked an American military convoy during the morning rush hour in Kabul, officials said.

The explosion happened around the corner from one of the entrances of the heavily guarded United States Embassy at the center of the Afghan capital, as a convoy of American soldiers passed through.

Najib Danish, a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry, said eight Afghans were killed and 25 wounded in the car bombing.

“All of them were civilians,” Mr. Danish said....