Friday, April 21, 2017

Mayor Weaver is correct. While the pipes in homes have to be replaced, the only real option for Flint's water supply except GLWA.

April 20, 2017
by Roberto Acosta

Flint, MI -- Police say six people were arrested (click here) Thursday evening at a Flint church during a town hall meeting on Flint Mayor Karen Weaver's recommendation to stay on the Detroit water system....

...Residents peppered officials with questions about bacteria, the long-term medical impact of the water supply and medical support for those potentially contaminated with lead, and how they can ever trust the government again.

Thursday's event is the only scheduled event where the public can ask officials about the city's water future. Weaver said radio town halls may also be scheduled in the future to discuss the water recommendation.

The city says it's giving residents until May 20 to comment on its future water source, including Weaver's recommendation that the city continues to purchase pre-treated water from the Great Lakes Water Authority for the next 30 years....

The GLWA (click here) 

The GLWA Board of Directors (click here) includes one representative each from Oakland,

Macomb and Wayne counties, as well as two representatives from the City of
Detroit, and one appointed by the governor of Michigan to represent customer
communities outside the tri-county area.

Robert Daddow, Chairman Oakland County
Gary Brown, Vice Chair City of Detroit
Brian Baker Macomb County
Freman Hendrix City of Detroit
Craig Hupy Governor Snyder/State of Michigan
Abe Munfakh Wayne County 

What happened to the Board member representing Genesee County, Michigan?

April 5, 2017
By Siddhartha Roy

As an alternative to traditional spring break, (click here) a team of University of Michigan (UM) and Virginia Tech (VT) students/faculty spent March 4-11 engaged in Flint, MI classrooms — spreading a positive message about scientific thinking, citizen science, and the everyday heroism of Flint residents. Flint resident Ellie Jacques (Ellievate) played a major role in coordinating this effort, and we were joined by Flint hero-Mom LeeAnne Walters and her daughter Kaylie.

During the week the team connected with nearly 1000 students in grades pre-K to 12th grade at the following Flint schools: Hamady High School, Hamady Middle School, Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School, Neithercut Elementary School, Doyle-Ryder Elementary, Way Academy, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint, Genesee Career Institute, Grand Blanc Academy, Holmes STEM Academy, Flint Children’s Museum, Genesee Early College, and Mott Middle College....