Monday, April 24, 2017

Jamie Morton has the right idea. Plant native forests and wait for the rain clouds to form.

April 23, 2017
By Jamie Morton

The case to plant more native forests (click here) to off-set emissions has been again pushed in another major research report - and this time, researchers say businesses could benefit.

Wellington-based Motu Economic and Public Policy Research's report suggests establishing native forests is an environmentally and economically attractive way to decrease the risk for those high-emitting companies, who could face a carbon market where prices soar as high as NZ$270 per unit.

Report co-author Dr Suzi Kerr said about eight per cent of the forest land registered in New Zealand's main carbon mechanism, the Emissions Trading Scheme, was native.

Since 2008, however, only 500ha of new native forest had been established and registered....

Even an urban forest is valuable.

Community forests can add to the quality of life of any community. It won't attract the wildlife a large forest will provide homes for, but, it will attract hearty birds and animals that can be delightful to watch and return from year to year. Oh, yes, migratory birds live longer than one life cycle; they return with their offspring and their offspring.

Bird watching is one of America's favorite past time that adds billions to the economy. It is fun and for the most part it is free. Any park or community forest can be the beginning of nature appreciation when birds leave in migration and return to the same place year after year.

It is exciting to hear someone say, "I saw my first robin today." It means spring is coming and the sounds of their song harken back the feelings of summer and fun. It is why at the first warm day people come outside in droves almost in celebration. It is also the sunlight that removes those dark days depression.

So, Jamie Morton has written a very valuable article that addresses a very important issue in today's America in that we need to plant, plant and plant again native trees and their understory to bring back the forests that give back to us in so very many and vital ways.

Today, Trump's cabinet is hacking away at environmental laws because they are so burdensome to business. That is not the way to address a nation of patriots. The best way to address burdensome regulations is to grow an economy that no longer needs them.